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MacDive's Cloud Syncing Process works by syncing changes that occur between devices. This allows it to sync a minimal amount of data for efficiency, and it also allows multiple devices to make different changes and combine them all together. However, as with any complex system, sometimes things can get confused. This page offers instructions on how to reset the cloud syncing process so that you can start over, in the case you run in to an issue - for example, certain bits of data just won't sync.

The Process

When you are syncing you will generally have more than one device. For this tutorial we will assume you have a Mac, an iPhone, and an iPad. First, you need to pick one device as the "master" device. Generally this would be the device with the most up to date data on it. We'll assume this is the Mac.

The general process to reset is as follows:

  1. First, disable syncing on the iPad and iPhone. See the iOS Cloud Sync page for more information. Note that you can also delete the app and reinstall it later before enabling sync again.
  2. Next, on the Mac go to Preferences > Cloud and click Reset Cloud Data. You will be prompted to confirm this action. This will disable syncing and will also delete any data stored in the cloud. Note, you are given the option to also remove images - you can leave them in the cloud if you are planning on resetting to save uploading them again.
  3. At this point, you have disabled syncing on all of your devices. It can take some time for the changes to propagate to iCloud or Dropbox, so it's best to now wait for a few (15-30) minutes before proceeding.
  4. You can now go ahead and enable syncing on the Mac again. This can take a few minutes if you have a lot of data. Again, it's best to wait a few minutes after the initial sync finishes to ensure all changes are uploaded to the cloud properly.
  5. Go ahead and enable syncing on the next device (eg, the iPhone)
  6. Once this completes, your iPhone and Mac should have matching data.
  7. You can now enable syncing on the next device (the iPad) and so on, until all devices are enabled again.

This process will reset the cloud so you've effectively started from scratch. As you make further changes they should be synced as expected. If you are still having problems with data not appearing as it should after following these steps, then please contact

But I don't have a Mac!

That's ok, the above is just an example. Both iOS and macOS have the option to reset cloud data, simply pick one and use that as your "master" device.

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