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It's Been A While
Time to push an update...
This update contains support for a number of new devices and little bug fixes that people have been testing over the last while. There was also a new iOS update recently that has a bunch of new devices supported, along with the usual bug fixes and the like. My apologies for the lack of updates - it's been a crazy year so far.

I hope you're all safe out there and maybe even able to get some diving in.

The macOS release notes are available here .

New Year Updates
A very quick new year update for some new releases
I've released macOS v2.11.4 and iOS v1.4.1 with a bunch of minor fixes and improvements. Check out their various release notes or the forum for a full list. The iOS version in particular has a large number of minor UI layout/style/display fixes that I noticed just tinkering around over the break and I've tried to fix them all. Please let me know if you see any further issues!

There are a couple of new devices supported and many little bug fixes that I've been meaning to get out for a while.

The macOS release notes are available here .

May updates
Joining dives on iOS, bottom time, and plenty of little fixes.
MacDive for macOS (2.10.13) and iOS (1.3.12) have both just been released. One of the longer requested features has been to bring the ability to join dives together on iOS, so I'm glad to say this is finally available. Visit Settings from any list of dives and you'll have the option to select dives to join.

One of the bigger changes in these releases are the addition of a new Bottom Time field. For macOS you can enable this in the main dives table. This field, which is calculated automatically, is now used over total duration for all SAC/RMV calculations. The intention is that for dives with surface periods (eg in a cave, or during training) will now show a more accurate SAC/RMV. So, if your rates change slightly, that's why!

There are a number of other minor tweaks and bug fixes as usual. See the release notes for the full list.

Updated Dive Inspector
Revamped inspector, support for the Suunto D5 and other bits and pieces.
I finally had enough of the very old dive inspector, and decided to revamp it. That's the main improvement in this update - a brand new inspector. It has a lot more room to display content, making for much less cramped tabs with things jammed everywhere. It is resizable. The site and map are now merged. The critters view now shows you the combined critters tagged via photos or directly on a dive. There's a ton of little improvements around the place so I could go on - but really, just download it and have a play.

If you run in to any problems then please let me know. This is a fairly big update, there's bound to be a few little kinks to smooth out.

There's also support for the new Suunto D5, and I've added Bluetooth support for the Mares Bluelink. Don't forget the usual assortment of random bug fixes, and hopefully that's a decent update.

There's a new iOS version out too (1.3.10), available on the App Store now. This has improved Mares Bluelink support (faster and more reliable) along with support for the Suunto D5.

For the full list of changes, please see the release notes.

  Dive Inspector

Time to decompress..
I've just released two new versions of MacDive - 2.10.4 for macOS, and 1.3.4 for iOS.
Both have been updated to download and visualise decompression information via supported devices - in particular from your Shearwater or OSTC, which have been highly requested.

Both work as existing overlays do in that you can toggle the information on/off. The Profile Inspector (or scrubbing your finger on iOS) will show detailed information about your stop times and depths.

MacDive for iOS also receives two new utility functions. The first is batch renumbering of dives. Find this under the Settings menu of any list of dives and renumber away. You'll also find a new option there to export the list to UDDF - you can send this to iCloud or via email.

And on that note, the UDDF functionality in MacDive has been overhauled. Both import and export for macOS have been rewritten, so has import on iOS - and the export is new, of course. These are now far more consistent and read (and write) much more information.

There is support for some new devices and a few other bits and pieces as well.

As usual, check out the full release notes.

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