Pro Plus 2 cannot connect to Macdive

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Pro Plus 2 cannot connect to Macdive

Post by Ray »

I am new to this site but have downloaded Macdive IOS on a MacBook Air. Have PP2 in Set 1 under PC 119 and counts down to 0. I have to initiate my download within that 119 seconds. I do that try to download dives in Macdive but Macdive gives me the “Import Error”. No device found. Macdive website says the software supports the PP2 without any additional drivers needed. What am I doing wrong, any ideas? Any help would be appreciated. I am using a trial version but I can’t get it see my dive computer why buy.
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Re: Pro Plus 2 cannot connect to Macdive

Post by nick »

Make sure you select the right device (pro plus 2 and 2.1 are not compatible).

The most common problem with those is plugging it in upside down. The cable fits both ways but only works one (at least on the 2.1, in pretty sure the 2 is similar).

Otherwise make sure you aren’t using a usb hub, try a USB port on the opposite side, etc. all the stuff in “troubleshooting downloads” in the use guide.

No extra driver is required, it’s just a hardware issue on your side somewhere.
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