2.0.6 Released

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2.0.6 Released

Post by nick » Fri Jun 10, 2011 6:26 pm

It's about that time again -

New Features:
Added support for the Oceanic Atom 3.0.
Added support for the Oceanic VT4.
Added smoothing to the main profile and smaller graphs.
Added new alarms for D9 (OLF80, OLF100, safety stop ceiling broken).
Merged the Sites Map with Sites.
Added a "View Dives Here" link to sites on the sites map.
Much improved Cobalt downloading.

Bug Fixes:
Tank size should sync correctly to Dive Log now.
Fixed an issue where types might not show up on Leopard.
Fixed an issue where HelO2 profiles could be broken.
Fixed an issue reading Dive Log dives with no entry time.
Fixed an issue syncing water type from Dive Log.
Fixed an issue where new dives from Dive Log might not be synced back to the device in some cases.
Fixed importing repetitive dive numbers from Atom 2.0s.
Relaxed Dive Log matching time from 1 minute to 2 minutes.
Fixed issue with columns being sized incorrectly.
Statistics view icon now inverts correctly.
Average Depth statistic now ignores dives with an average depth of 0.0.
Average Depth on free dives for Oceanic devices is now set correctly.
SDM Importer fixed to deal with temperatures for older devices better.
Fixed an issue where saved GPS coordinates would not be loaded correctly in certain cases.
Fixed a bug where you couldn't edit tags/types when filtering by a smart divelog.

Enjoy! As usual, let me know of any problems. More to come.

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