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Just started Sidemount diving. Computer is a Perel 3. I have two transmitters. MacDive does not see the second transmitter. Also does not see gas switches. not sure if this functionality exists.

If the second transmitter can not bee seen by macDive, what are folks doing as a workaround?

Currently on the gasses screen I am setting my tank to LP85. marking it as a double. I then add my gasses (tank 1 @ 2500 PSI + tank 2 @ 2400 psi = 4900 psi in total.) I do the same for the end of the dive. I know I could add additional tanks and set the switches using duration, but that is a lot of editing. SAC/ RMV is close to that is calculated by MacDive but on the high side.

What are other folks doing?
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Re: Sidemount

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I am also in the same boat. Using petrel3 and diving sidemount. I wish this software was little more conducive to sidemount divers as this config is getting more and more popular.
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Re: Sidemount

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Been a requested feature for five years now, and is in development. Not sure how well that is progressing as it appears to be less active here than in the past.
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