Diacritical marks, Font, export length

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Diacritical marks, Font, export length

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• In the notes portion of the dive details, MacDive supports diacritical marks on characters (e.g. GoBē, Oceanic Véo, Galàpagos, façade, bueño, über, crêpe), but not in the gear section (when exported). At one point I changed the manufacturer of a piece of shit reel to "πøß" to make the joke a modicum smarter; "œÄü" is what came out in the PDF. "GoBƒì 500 Spot Ligh" it what comes through in the PDF for my "GoBē 500 Spot Light" — it's dropping one character for each unrecognizable character in the original text.

• The notes section can be changed from a serifed, fixed-width typeface to a sans-serif, dynamic-width typeface, but it does not support a font change (i.e. bold, italic, underline). *Emphasis* is _OK_ but there's nothing like the real thing.

• Renewed mention: Dive Notes longer than one page don't continue on a second page when exported to PDF. In some cases, I could write dozens of pages on a single dive.
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