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Dive Computer: Shearwater Perdix 2


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Hi! Excellent product and functionality! A few suggestions for future development:

• A depth field for site information would be helpful, especially for shipwreck sites. Perhaps that should be max and min depth for a site? This could autocomplete certifications needed to access the site too perhaps?

• Exporting the complete dive log doesn't yet include details about the dive site (just GPS & name). That would be cool to include. It would be even cooler to be able to customize which of those fields it exports to the PDF.

• Exporting the dive sites doesn't yet include the site's thumbnail image or its notes. Exporting the XML saves someone the labor of manually entering it, but it doesn't share the stories, the enriching the understanding of the site.

• Ditto this earlier suggestion:
mises wrote: Tue Aug 31, 2021 2:00 pm Request For Feature

It would be fantastic to have critters (with info & photos) + dive sites and their locations be anonymously shareable to a central/decentralized DB by users across the product.

How it works?

Anyone can add a new site, it does a lookup and offers to use a previously existing site and it's data + enables to see the full data and post suggested modification to existing data (Wikipedia style updating)
Anyone can add critters and it does a similar lookup. You can attach photos and enable them to be shared.
All of these results are stored in a central/decentralized repository for any other user to use via lookups or batch download.

I'd recommend also adding a feature to be able to download all dive sites (and keep up to date either additively or refresh) for a queried "Water landmark", "Region (ex: Raja Ampat or Freshwater Western Atlantic or Lakes) or Country
For critters, enable to download all possible sightings (based on records of other user(s) sightings) for a given dive site (or multi-selected sites).

This would be a massive added bonus to the already splendid application

• In the map view of sites, it would be nice to be able to drag and edit sites' locations. Sometimes it's easier to place a site's location based on the "flag" position of another site, or to assess the accuracy of a whole array of sites in an area. Example: You find/acquire a map of dive sites around X island/body of water. The map doesn't provide GPS coordinates, but visually you can see where the sites should be in relation to each other and general landmarks. It would help there to be able to see the other dive sites when trying to edit a site's location.

• Dive Notes longer than one page don't continue on a second page when exported to PDF. In some cases, I could write dozens of pages on a single dive.

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