[RFF] Add critter and dive site shared data(base)

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[RFF] Add critter and dive site shared data(base)

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Request For Feature

It would be fantastic to have critters (with info & photos) + dive sites and their locations be anonymously shareable to a central/decentralized DB by users across the product.

How it works?

Anyone can add a new site, it does a lookup and offers to use a previously existing site and it's data + enables to see the full data and post suggested modification to existing data (Wikipedia style updating)
Anyone can add critters and it does a similar lookup. You can attach photos and enable them to be shared.
All of these results are stored in a central/decentralized repository for any other user to use via lookups or batch download.

I'd recommend also adding a feature to be able to download all dive sites (and keep up to date either additively or refresh) for a queried "Water landmark", "Region (ex: Raja Ampat or Freshwater Western Atlantic or Lakes) or Country
For critters, enable to download all possible sightings (based on records of other user(s) sightings) for a given dive site (or multi-selected sites).

This would be a massive added bonus to the already splendid application

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