Auto-add kit override

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Auto-add kit override

Post by jarold »

Hi Nick,

I've been caught out in the past with the order to sync from the iPhone & the dive computer to the Mac where because I have some kit flagged as auto-add I would create the dive on the iPhone, the kit would get auto-added & I'd 'tweak' it to represent the actual kit (by adding/removing a few items) & then when i synced to the Mac it created the dives as new dives & auto-added the items I had removed - essentially as I think you've replied elsewhere it merges the two.

I now create the dives on the iphone, tweak the kit & when I get home I turn off WiFi on the Mac, sync the dive computer which creates the dives, delete all the kit it has auto added, then enable WiFi & sync I then merge the dives as I now have a set from the phone & a set from the computer with the same times & I only get the kit I set up on the phone, but its a faff

Is there a better workflow?

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Re: Auto-add kit override

Post by nick »

I guess what you're saying is that you auto-add stuff you don't necessarily want to. Seems like it would be straightforward to simply not auto-add them and instead of removing stuff you didn't use, add stuff that you did.
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