Selecting iCloud Account to use for Cloud syncing

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Selecting iCloud Account to use for Cloud syncing

Post by Shadallark »

Good day to you Nick (and everyone else);

Is it possible to select which iCloud account I am syncing with the same way that I can select which Dropbox account I am syncing with?

Here is the issue we have. My partner and I started using MacDive when we had only one MacBook laptop. At some point we both got iDevices (iPhone and iPad Mini 2) and set them up with different iCloud accounts. At that point we started using Dropbox for syncing our MacDive data. Now that our kids are certified and diving a bunch and we are syncing between the four of us (including pictures) we are quickly running out of space in our Dropbox account (not all related to MacDive). Rather than paying to expand our Dropbox account when one of us already has an expanded iCloud account, we are wondering if it is possible to pick what iCloud account we want to sync with or if we can only sync with the primary iCloud account our device is logged into?

We would prefer to use iCloud but if we need to we will stick with Dropbox and expand our account (or set one up just for our MacDive stuff :D ).

Have a great day and safe diving everyone!

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Re: Selecting iCloud Account to use for Cloud syncing

Post by nick »

Only the iCloud account your Mac/Phone is signed in to is supported. It’s all system level stuff, unfortunately. Dropbox is better for that kind of setup.
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