Feature request: define data path

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Feature request: define data path

Post by henrikhedegaard » Sat Jul 16, 2011 4:02 pm

One thing I really need is the ability to personalize where MacDive should save my dive log data.

E.g. I've just upgrade to a test version of OSX Lion, and forgot to do a back-up of all but one dive.
Thus, I have to re-import and describe all my dives on the computer. DOH!

I use DropBox a lot, and guess many others do as well.

I'd like an option in preferences (or during first app start-up) where I can tell MacDive a location to store my dive log data
(e.g. in my dropbox folder or in the future iCloud folder)
That way I never loose my dive logs, and I don't have to back-up the data.

Also, when I reinstall OSX or the application, I can just point to my dive log folder.

Nifty little feature...

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