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Post by N1Diver »

Ok, you got me, what are swampies ? :lol:
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Re: Swampies

Post by nick »

Have a think about why this is only on wetsuits..
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Re: Swampies

Post by Shadallark »

Hi Nick;

Can you explain what Swampies are? I see different counts of Swampies on the different wetsuits we have used but they do not match the uses of those items so I am not sure what is meant by Swampies.

I have tried to think why this is only on wetsuits but I have not figured it out.

Keep up the great work!

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Re: Swampies

Post by mfupi »

I thought it was times you got back into your wetsuit after using it once already that day, but my wetsuit was used, over 103 hours, 107 times and has 205 swampies, so you got me too.
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