Mac cloud reset silently fails

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Mac cloud reset silently fails

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I have macDive 2.16.2 recently installed on a Mac running Monterey, iOS V1.4.10 on an iPhone and iPad. I updated from the previous version of MacDive for Mac before starting my last data logging session. The correct data is sitting on the Mac. iCloud Drive is enabled in Mac system preferences, and MacDive appears with a green check in the app list. I have disabled sync on both iOS devices.

I go to MacDive, Preferences, Cloud Sync. The screen says status: "last sync never" and account none". When I tick "enable Cloud sync", I can see a progress bar that shows images transferred and data transferred and today's date appears in the status area. I then choose Reset Cloud Data It asks me to confirm reset, I choose yes. At the screen about photos, I have both said yes and no .. either way when I hit the button, nothing appears to happen. And then screen goes back to the "enable Cloud Sync" unticked The screen says status: "last sync never" and account none".

I have confirmed that the cloud has the bad data .. I deleted the iOS app on iPad, reinstalled, resync'd and got the bad data .. not the data on the Mac.

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