Phone/dive computer/Mac sync issues

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Phone/dive computer/Mac sync issues

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Hi Nick,

I'm experiencing some sync issues with dives & details I have created in the MacDive app on my phone & dives on my dive computer with MacDive on the Mac.

I recall last time I had something like this you indicated that though I had created the dives on my phone the first thing I should sync with the Mac is my dive computer, so I did this.
Then I synced the phone to the cloud & the Mac then synced to the cloud as well.
This resulted in pairs of duplicated dives with the same date/time, one from my phone & one from my dive computer
I then used Automerge dives in the Tools menu on the Mac & this consolidated the details

However I have noticed the dives on the Mac do not contain
- the Notes, Tags, Critters or Dive Type I entered on the phone

I did the sync again on the phone & Mac & now that information has disappeared from both the Mac & the phone - fortunately I copied the Notes elsewhere just in case (& I can hopefully remember the critters, tags & dive type)

What am I doing wrong?
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