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Beta Testers Needed

Post by nick » Fri Jul 15, 2011 6:23 am

It's about that time again. I'm finishing up the next release of MacDive, and I could do with some people to help beta test this one. It has a number of hefty changes that I'd like to ensure don't cause any problems.

The important changes that require testing are:

Significantly improved Dive Log syncing: performance wise it is a huge amount faster to sync (especially for large logs). Almost all of the information is now synced including weight, personal info, certifications, signatures and site images. On top of that, it supports the upcoming Dive Log database format and also syncs a bunch of new fields for that. It contains various other bug fixes and general improvements to syncing.

You can now manage Divers "properly". There is a new Divers section that lets you manage your personal information and add or remove divers.

Timezone support. You can now import dives into a specific timezone, and this is recorded so that if you change your system your dates/times are still displayed correctly.

It also contains beta support for the Suunto D4i and D9tx. Downloading works although there may still be data issues - I am very short on data to test with so not everything will be accurate yet. I also have no D6i data at all.

There are a number of other tweaks here and there, but those are the main changes. As with any large new release, your database will be upgraded upon first launch. The data will then be incompatible with the existing official release. I'm confident that no more changes need to be made, but if they do, your data will be invalid - so please be aware that you will be required to back up your existing data, and any changes you make using the beta may not be compatible with the official release.

If you're interested in helping out and are able to spend some time to provide some feedback, please drop me a mail ( and I'll hook you up with the beta and some more detailed instructions.


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