2.0.2 Out Now

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2.0.2 Out Now

Post by nick » Sat Aug 14, 2010 4:24 pm

2.0.2 is now available -

New Features:
Help menu now points to online documentation.
Added Forums link to help menu.
Added a quick site select popup to the dives table.
Added support for Sherwood Wisdom 2.
Added ability to edit raw sample data.
Added diver and gps coordinates to PDF output.
Rearranged dive inspector to add new fields.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed issue importing Atom2.0 min/high temperatures.
Fixed incorrect gas model from Vyper import when in gauge mode.
Fixed oceanic/aeris .txt importer.
Fixed total duration column header being aligned incorrectly.
Fixed various GPS coordinate and map issues.
Fixed incorrect dates from Aeris Epic and Veo 180 NX imports.
Fixed bug in merging dives.
Fixed issue with adding gear to groups on Leopard.
Fixed missing statistics icon on Leopard.
Fixed statistics issue with SAC rates.
Fixed issue with auto-adding images crashing in certain cases.
Fixed incorrect error message when importing SDM files.
Fixed datamask import pressure/temperature.
Fixed images not updating correctly when using next/prev.

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