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Country List

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 1:04 am
by GlobeTrot
Tl;dr: Is Sint Eustatius supported as a country? and here's a link to the flag: ... tatius.svg

Hello, thanks for a great dive log app to consolidate all the myriad logs I've collected over the years. I am going through that process right now while learning and appreciating all the features of the app (iPad version primarily). The Country parsing is excellent, and the association of a flag takes it to the next level. I attempted to find a list of the supported countries on the forum, but was unsuccessful. The reason for my search is that I've got an odd one that has switched names / government organization over the years / and the spelling varies widely. Officially, the country is Sint Eustatius, also spelled "Sint Eustacia" and of course several variations of Sint / Saint /St. The country was formerly grouped into the Netherland Antilles, and frequently group in with other Dutch islands including Bonaire (not nearby) and Saba (nearby and supported already in MacDive). Any guidance is appreciated--thanks again for the great app and lively forum with ideas on how to use it!

Re: Country List

Posted: Thu Apr 30, 2020 3:45 am
by nick
Not currently, but someone actually asked for it a couple of days ago.

I’ve updated both macOS/iOS versions and it will be in the next releases. If you’d like a TestFlight beta of the iPad version then drop me an email, otherwise sit tight and it will work in the next update.