New Releases - macOS 2.10.13, iOS 1.3.12

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New Releases - macOS 2.10.13, iOS 1.3.12

Post by nick » Sun May 26, 2019 6:16 am

Hey there,

Some new updates. Note your RMV/SAC might change very slightly based on the new bottom time, nothing to worry about. Joining dives is much improved - it now manages photos correctly (outstanding bug), fixes a few other bugs, and can be undone in one operation correctly. When undoing/redoing, the display should also update correctly now - there were a number of bugs here previously.

  • Added support for the Tusa IQ1201 (Talis)
  • Added new Bottom Time column/statistics
  • SAC/RMV calculations now based on Bottom Time, not Total Duration
  • Various improvements to joining dives
  • Performance improvements loading/displaying profiles
  • Added a Goto Dive function to jump to a dive by dive number
  • Sort critter photos more sensibly
  • Various improvements reading FIT files
  • Added End Date/Time in Dive Inspector
  • Added Bottom Time in Dive Inspector
  • Fixed bug downloading certain dives from a Suunto D5
  • Fixed total duration for Shearwater dives
  • Fixed bug preventing photos being picked from a Photos library
  • Added ability to join dives (Dive List > Settings > Join Dives)
  • Added ability to export a single dive to UDDF
  • Added total bottom time statistic
  • Bottom Time is now used for SAC/RMV calculations (rather than Duration)
  • Added better sorting of Critter photos
  • Various minor bluetooth download improvements/bug fixes

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