New Releases - macOS 2.10.8, iOS 1.3.7

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New Releases - macOS 2.10.8, iOS 1.3.7

Post by nick » Sun Jan 27, 2019 4:15 am

Hi there,

A couple of quick updates to kick off the year. Hope you all had a nice break and got some diving in!

  • Added support for reading user Tags from Shearwater Teric.
  • Added option to sort stat bar graphs by value or name.
  • Added ability to duplicate smart logs.
  • Added ability to copy/paste raw profile data from dive inspector.
  • Service records are now sorted by date by default.
  • Fixed issue with Dropbox syncing large numbers of images.
  • Fixed issue downloading from Tecdiving Divecomputer.
  • Fixed merging profiles containing PPO2 information.
  • Fixed reading deco information from OSTC.
  • Fixed some minor dark mode colour issues.

  • New options to sort dive lists either ascending or descending, and by rating
  • You can now configure dive lists to display either max depth, duration or rating as additional info
  • Preferences for units are now separate for Depth, Pressure and Temperature
  • Added support for reading user bookmark tags from the Shearwater Teric
  • Fixed issue where image syncing wouldn't work correctly with Dropbox if you had a large number of photos
  • Minor light mode fixes for iPad
  • Fixed bug viewing "dives sighted" for critters in certain situations on the iPad
  • Fixed bug where the Sites List (Sites > View as List) could display incorrect statistics for sites with duplicate names
  • Fixed buddy share layout on some devices

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