New Release - 2.9.0 (macOS)

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New Release - 2.9.0 (macOS)

Post by nick » Tue Dec 26, 2017 7:20 am


I've just released an update to the macOS version of MacDive. This release has some major internal improvements, in particular, a USB driver is no longer required for most devices. There aren't too many other noticeable features, just a few bug fixes or tweaks that have been requested lately that I could fit in along the way.

Of course, please let me know if you run in to any issues. It's a very, very big update behind the scenes. A large amount of work was done to facilitate this and so there may be some minor issues. I've tested as many devices as I can personally, and a number of users have also been beta testing. Thanks very much if this was you, I really appreciate the time everyone took to try things out, send me logs, etc.

I'll have a new iOS update out after the holiday break with some new devices and other minor fixes. In the meantime I hope you are all diving somewhere warm. Happy holidays!

New Features
  • USB driver no longer required for most devices.
  • Major internal download improvements.
  • Added support for the Cressi Newton.
  • Added support for the Divesystem iDive Easy and Stealth.
  • Added support for the HeinrichsWeikamp OSTC Plus.
  • Added support for the Mares Quad.
  • Added support for the Tecdiving Dive Computer.
  • Made Site thumbnails 30% larger.
  • Added some new Diver stats.
  • Minor UI improvements.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed various minor import issues.
  • Fixed US State Flags being the wrong size.
  • Fixed issue importing XML files in certain cases.

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