Deco + Runtime + Dive plan

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Deco + Runtime + Dive plan

Post by weppos » Mon Jan 04, 2016 6:41 pm

As a technical diver, I often plan decompression dives and so far I used the comments section to store unformatted details about the deco, the runtime and the dive plan.

I use the "decompression" flag to track where I planned a deco (essentially to distinguish between a technical and recreational dive) and I have a couple of tags I use to organize my dives. However, there are certain dive sites we visit quite often and plans tends to be repetitive.

It would be nice to be able to track the plan in a way which is a little bit more structured and searchable. For example, having a (1) bottom time (integer), (2) deco (integer) and a optionally a (3) runtime (integer) fields would be nice. In this way, I can search a dive for avg. depth, bottom time and get the deco time immediately (this is useful to quickly plan a dive using previous dives as reference). The runtime is not so useful as I can easily calculate it, but it may be handy to store the value as well as computed from the deco software. It's not guaranteed that the final dive runtime matches it, therefore storing the value as a reference can be useful for planning a dive later using the existing values.

The dive graph could also reflect these information and show a delimiter at the end of the bottom time plus a line that represents the avg depth.

A way to track the dive plan would also be nice, but that would probably take more development effort and having the previously mentioned fields could be enough for now. I'm also debated whether a similar feature would be useful for tracking the original plan or the real plan (as sometimes the plan doesn't match the real dive). At the moment, I generally track both in the comments.

What do you think?

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