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Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 9:23 am
by dalenvigil
Is it possible to add a window, maybe in preferences, that lists all available data input into a given field (in categories)? Basically any item that's available in a drop down menu, I would like to be able to access, so that I could add buddies in one swoop, or add different dive types, or even check that I haven't entered something twice with a different syntax leading to multiple entries when really it should be a single entry, etc. Obviously since there's a cleanup option in preferences there's a database it's referencing. Is it possible to access that to make changes in a more visible format?

Alternatively, any field that allows you to add your own data, give a drop down with all possible info that you've already input and the choice to add text if it's not in there already. So say I want to add a buddy, instead of starting to type the name, it could be a drop down so I could select in case I misspell their name initially or have multiple entries for dive type, etc.

Also, would it be possible to capture the c-card picture using a built in camera like Preview captures a signature? It's sort of a pain to take a picture of both sides of a c-card, import them into the computer, edit them, then import them into the software. It's solely my OCD that makes me want pictures of my cards, and only because it is made available as an option. :)