Potential for Galileo Sol import -- binary dumps?

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Potential for Galileo Sol import -- binary dumps?

Post by wmperry » Fri Apr 26, 2013 9:27 pm

I have been itching to switch completely to a MacDive for a while and have gotten all of my dives converted over from the SmartTrak POS on Windows. I really do not want to go through that pain every time I want to download future dives, and do not want to keep a Windows VM around simply to import the dives. Now a LINUX VM on the other hand, I have a ton of those lying around for work.

Any possibility that you guys would consider adding an import function for the Galileo computers, but just read the binary dump created by a linux program that just uses libdivecomputer and calls uwatec_smart_device_open() / dc_device_dump() to get at the raw data?

Otherwise I am going to break down and create a libdivecomputer -> UDDF converter and see if I can get things working reasonably well that way.

It is a bit round-about to have a linux VM to do this, but it would at least be an option that doesn't involve a Windows VM + uploading to divelogs.de + exporting from divelogs.de + finally importing to the awesomeness that is MacDive.

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