Downloading Mares IRIS files

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Downloading Mares IRIS files

Post by Hammerhead » Mon May 09, 2011 6:26 pm

I used to use a pc and the Windows based Mares IRIS software to keep my electronic dive logbook.

Now I've switched [let's be honest here - I've upgraded!] to a Mac - and the Mac-Dive software I would like to import all the data from the file to Mac-Dive.

The Mares Nemo only holds 50 dives so some are not uploaded straight from the computer.

The IRIS software stores the files as an ".mdb" files type - and with photos looks to be c1GB of data. I can convert the file to an xml (or other formats] through MS Access but in doing so it only uploaded 2 of 50 odd dives.

Is there a way I can upload the data files and profiles of these dives rather than add each from the paper log book and the much more limited information contained thereon?

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