Can't iCloud sync on iOS

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Can't iCloud sync on iOS

Post by adelphia » Tue Jan 19, 2021 1:17 am

I bought a MacDive license yesterday after the Cressi app crashed repeatedly on Big Sur. MacDive was able to import my dives from my DC flawlessly.

I've enabled iCloud syncing on the desktop app (MacDive -> Preferences -> Cloud Sync, selected "iCloud", ticked "Enable cloud sync"). It's showing a last synced time, so I assume this step was successful.

Today I bought the iOS license for my iPad and iPhone.

On my iPhone I tap "Tap here to get started", then "Enable cloud syncing", then toggle "Sync this device" to the ON position, then tap "iCloud", then tap "Sync to iCloud." I get the red circle with the message "Sync failed, retry later."

On iPad I tap "Sync with cloud" and follow the same steps, and get the same error message.

All devices signed into the same Apple ID.

How do I properly sync the data from my Mac to my iOS devices?

2019 13" MacBook Pro (MacOS Bug Sur 11.1)
iPhone 11 (iOS 14.3)
iPad Air 3 w/ LTE (iOS 14.3)

Thank you.

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Re: Can't iCloud sync on iOS

Post by nick » Tue Jan 19, 2021 2:11 am

Is iCloud Drive enabled in your iCloud preferences on the device?

Check Settings > Apple ID > iCloud, check that iCloud Drive is enabled, and that MacDive is enabled underneath that.

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