500 old dives duplicated

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500 old dives duplicated

Post by manningmacdive » Mon Dec 09, 2019 5:32 am

Suddenly yesterday when I was trying to renumber dives, many of my old dives became duplicated. Mostly there are now two copies but in some cases four! They differ by an hour.

Nick does not have any help for me other than to suggest I delete the copies. Unfortunately I do not know which ones are right and which are wrong! It looks like for some trips it's the first and for some the second.

This involves 500-odd dives, so it's a big undertaking even if I figure out the correct choice. I'm really hoping someone has a suggestion--editing the sql file? Phpmyadmin? Anything?

I looked into the sqlite file with a text editor and it looks like the copies are in some massively long lines at the bottom of the dive section, but I need to know how to view and edit the file to make that work.

Thanks for any help!

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