Small problem with gear images

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Small problem with gear images

Post by Twan77 » Sat Mar 17, 2012 6:38 pm

HI Nick,

i noticed a small issue with gear images. Not a big issue, but just a little annoying.
When you have a piece of gear in macdive without an image, you see in the box the image of a grey camera.

When i drag an image of that pice of gear in that box, but that image is relatively narrow, on both sides of the image you can still see the leftovers of the grey camera.

So the gear image does not replace/overwrite the image of the grey camera, but is somehow placed on top of it. So when the image is narrow, you get leftovers of the camera on the sides.

I think this problem is new since the last update of macdive, because i haven't seen it before.

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