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First update of the new year
I've just released some small maintenance updates.
MacDive 2.8.1 for macOS and 1.1.7 for iOS are now available. These primarily fix some bugs I found while I was away diving, a few things that had been reported over the holiday, and a couple of small new features that had been requested.

Please note that both the store and the website will be down for (hopefully very!) brief periods of maintenance by their respective providers at some point over the next week or two.

More to come!

The full release notes are available here for macOS.

One last update for the year..
The year is rapidly coming to a close. Soon I will be away diving in exotic places, and getting to use my own apps!
But before then, we have a couple of updates with some cool features to get out to you.

First up is support for the Shearwater Perdix AI. This has been super popular already, so a big thank you to everyone who jumped in and helped beta test. This is available in both the iPhone and macOS versions.

Next we have a new option to sync via iCloud, rather than Dropbox. While the sync works pretty much the same way whichever option you choose, iCloud has the advantage of requiring no separate login and also of Push Notifications. What this means is your data will sync and update automatically across your devices that are running MacDive. Obviously this is available on both iPhone and macOS also! Seriously, it is. Otherwise.. it wouldn't sync. Right?

Then we have a little love for the iPhone version. We have added an initial Statistics display. When you view any set of dives (All Dives, a tag, dives for a site or a piece of gear, etc) you will see some brief statistics at the top of the list. Tapping that will take you to detailed statistics and graphs much like the macOS version. You can even filter your dives and view the statistics for just those that match.

There are, of course, a number of other minor improvements and bug fixes. One of our favourite is that MacDive on macOS will now track the last few devices you've downloaded. If you check the Quick Action menu on the Toolbar, you'll see a list of Recent Devices and you can select one to download. We know a lot of users have multiple computers, and this should hopefully make it quicker and easier when you download from them all regularly.

Note that iCloud for macOS requires OS X 10.11 or later. Both versions of MacDive (2.8.0 for macOS and 1.1.5 for iPhone) are available now.

The full release notes are available here for macOS.

  Something that was missing..

A little maintenance
Most of this update was driven by my dive buddy harassing me for features that he needed immediately!
For example, the ability to import all the sites and critters I had logged, along with photos, automatically. So, you can now import/export Sites and Critters, and the Auto Add feature has been rewritten. It has a more modern UI, it's faster, and it can now auto-tag critters that it finds in your image EXIF data.

Along with that there is a number of bug fixes and little improvements here and there.

The full release notes are available here . As usual, let me know of any problems.

Desktop Fun!
It's update time. We've just released MacDive 1.1.4 for iPhone, and a pretty big update to the Mac version, too.
First, iPhone. This is a relatively minor release. Primarily it adds support for recording a Signature from your buddy/divemaster, which a lot of people have been asking for. My favourite feature, though, is that you can now view photos in landscape. Why wasn't this already supported? That's a long story for another time. But, it's there now.

On to the desktop. This is a pretty big release. I hope that it has something for everyone and that you enjoy the changes.

The highlight is the new Profile. It's the first time it's really changed since way back in the 1.0 days, and it's super cool. A new look. Gone are those ugly little mini graphs for temperature, SAC, pressure and the like. They are now available as overlays and you can toggle them on or off as you like. You can drag and draw selections to analyse portions of the profile. There are a ton of bug fixes, too.

Also of note is that the Mac version now has Critters. I know a lot of you have been asking for this, so here you go. The User Guide has been updated, but the short version is that you can tag critters in the Notes tab of the Dive Inspector, or you can right click on any photo in the Photos tab and identify critters just like the iPhone version.

These are definitely the two highlights, but there are a ton more features - too many to list. All the maps have been replaced with Apple Maps. There are a ton of minor visual improvements and performance improvements, a bunch of bug fixes, the Statistics graphs have a new look that is much cleaner, and more. You can check the full release notes here .

I'm sure there will be a few issues, as there always is with an update this big. Never fear, we'll get right on it. If you run in to any issues just drop me an email and we'll get things resolved quick as you can gear up and roll off the boat.

The User Guide has been updated, but if there's anything else you'd like to see added then get in touch.

  New look profile!

  And Critters!

Quick Updates
Now available: MacDive 2.6.5 for Mac, and 1.1.3 for iOS.
We have a couple of new releases today, primarily a number of bug fixes and minor improvements, and some features people have been asking for.

The iOS update brings with it some new devices, the ability to import Suunto DM4 databases, and improvements to the existing UDDF import. There are a number of small features people have been asking for, and the usual bug fixes.

The Desktop is similar, mainly a bunch of bug fixes. In particular was the statistics. When you tried to display larger amounts of data, the bar graphs got pretty gnarly. This has been hugely improved, now you can actually visualise the data properly and there were a number of performance improvements along with that.

We're still working on some of the bigger features that have been requested, so it's back to work!

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