MacDive 2.7.1 for macOS

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MacDive 2.7.1 for macOS

Post by nick » Mon Sep 19, 2016 3:51 pm

Hi there,

I have just released a new update, 2.7.1, for macOS. Release notes below. If you have any issues, please start a new thread with the details, or email support.

2.7.1 for macOS
New Features:
  • Add support for the Aeris A500 AI.
  • Add support for the Aqualung i550t.
  • Add support for the Sherwood Vision.
  • Revamped AutoAdd (better UI, Critter matching, faster).
  • Added ability to export and import sites (via XML).
  • Added ability to export and import critters (via XML).
  • Add new bar graph for Dives By Month.
  • Allow autocomplete by substring on Critters.
  • Dive Inspector notes font is now slightly larger.
  • Don’t allow drawing profile selections if there is no profile.
  • Use a more appropriate default tank size when there are no tanks.
  • Site Average Rating should update correctly now.
  • Buddies in the General tab of the Inspector should update correctly now.
  • Critter Thumbnails will now refresh as photos finish syncing.
  • Download NDT from the Pro Plus 2.1.
  • Improved support for the Dacor Darwin Air.
  • Various improvements updating the status bar when things change.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Minor performance improvements.
  • Lots of internal tidy-up. Welcome to the future.
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix issue where it was difficult to move a map pin.
  • Fix issue where editing pins on a map would cause display issues.
  • Fix issue upgrading versions on macOS Sierra.
  • Fix issue downloading from a Petrel 2 in certain cases.
  • Fix issue downloading from a Suunto DX in certain cases.
  • Fix graph profile inspector being fuzzy on non-retina devices.
  • Fix a crash viewing statistics on OS X 10.9.
  • Fix obscure issue that would disable sites from the dive inspector dropdown in certain cases.
  • Fix temperature for Tusa Zen Air.

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Re: MacDive 2.7.1 for macOS

Post by espenmoe » Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:25 am

I've have had the pleasure of testing the new Critters-mapping in this software, and I'm really impressed of it!

If you have the same naming of critters in Macdive and in your photo-software (I've been testing with Adobe Lightroom), photos containing critters existing in Macdive will automatically be added to these critters.

This is a huge improvement if you like to systemize your underwater photos. Suddenly my critters-section i Macdive got a brand new life!

Tip: Macdive can recognize critters both by common name "Lobster", species "Homarus gammarus" and a combination with species in parenthesis and common name outside of it "Lobster (Homarus gammarus)". This last phrase is neat because it's the smart way of naming critter in Adobe Lightroom using the softwares built in keywords.

Note: I always put common name in the field for name, and scientific name in the field for species in Macdive. All you need to do is using the same names in Macdive and in your photo-software!

The import-system easily manages 250 images in one chunk, and you can reimport images after you have re-edited them. The new images will overwrite the old ones, and the new images will after a few seconds sync to your iPhone-app!

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Re: MacDive 2.7.1 for macOS

Post by nick » Tue Sep 20, 2016 12:41 pm

Yes, thank you for the help and feedback, it was much appreciated!

You mentioned it, but I forgot to say in the release notes that images will now be replaced if newer ones are found.. this is a handy feature if you make further edits, re-tag, etc.

The biggest limitation right now is that only existing critters will be tagged, so you still need to add them first. It's definitely convenient if you are logging multiple photos of the same thing, though.

There is also a feature to export/import critters. This can help for sharing lots of critters/photos. I sent all this stuff to my buddy and he was able to import all the critters and photos over shared dives very quickly. I need to claim a beer for that, actually..

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